Liquid Meth


The Purpose Of Liquid Meth

Meth is often made in underground Mexican labs and smuggled across the United States border. Over the years, U.S. customs and border protection have seen different ways that meth has crossed the border.

Meth can be detected by drug-sniffing dogs, but liquid methamphetamine hidden in gas tanks can be covered up by the smell of gasoline. The liquid meth may start to crystallize, leaving behind pieces that can be scraped out.

Liquid meth can also be boiled, leaving only the drug behind. Gallons of liquid meth can be converted into thousands of pounds of powder or crystal methamphetamine, which have a high street value. Methamphetamine use in liquid form is another way of taking the drug.

Using Liquid Meth

Liquid meth can have a brown or yellow color when mixed with water. When swallowed, it is absorbed into the bloodstream through the digestive system.

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